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Install ActiveX Controls (Internet Explorer only)
Step 1: The downloads will begin after you click the Begin Installation button, but you may be prompted by a toolbar or a message box to allow the download to occur. The files that will be downloaded are ActiveX files that are needed for proper functionality.
Step 2a: If you see a yellow bar at the top of the screen click on it and select Install. After the page refreshes, please click on Begin Installation again to continue the installation process.
Step 2b:

If you see one of the message boxes below, click Install or Yes.

Step 3: You may be prompted several times. You will need to click Install or Yes each time.
Step 4: Click Begin Installation to begin downloading the files.

Step 5:

Wait for all files to be installed before navigating away from this page: File Service ActiveX Control Not Installed Popup ActiveX Control Not Installed Print ActiveX Control Not Installed Document Scan ActiveX Control Not Installed Document Select ActiveX Control Not Installed Document Viewer ActiveX Control Not Installed
Step 6: The ActiveX controls have been successfully installed. Click Continue to Login below to return to the login page.

Step 6: One or more files failed to be installed. Please refresh the page and click Begin Installation to try the installation again. If the problem persists, please contact Technical Support.